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Reading is my new release from stress. It is the one thing that you can’t think or do anything else while doing it, so it is a complete block from everything that surrounds you. We all need those moments sometimes. Also reading is an incredible source of learning. There are so many stories out there that are amazing! I truly wish I had lifetime simply to read. I have been reading more lately, since my life is limited, but oh how I love it. If you just read a little here and there or are constantly reading I highly recommend it. My tip to you is read something you enjoy, there is not enough time in life to read something bad. I am always looking for good books so what is your favorite book to read? Below are a few tips to get involved in reading or to challenge yourself into becoming a reader. (By the way don’t you love these bookshelves? I need one in my home!)the art of reading | Nuance Design |

tip no. 1 | tv head

If you watch a lot of TV or movies, but want to become a better I reader I highly recommend picking a book that is a tv series or movie you haven’t watched. You are more likely to read the book if you haven’t watched it. I always pick a few books that will become movies every year, books that I think would be enjoyable, and then go watch the movies. It is always interesting to see how people interpret books. You can find them on many sources such as goodreads or imdb. A few books that I am reading/read that are becoming movies this year are; The Martian, In the Heart of the Sea, True Story, Black Mass, The Zookeepers Wife and Z for Zachariahthe art of reading | Nuance Design |

tip no. 2 | classics

A good start is always to read the classics. I personally love the old language, but I know sometimes they are harder to read so be patient with yourself. There are some amazing authors that came before us. I personally love classics, because they environments seem so descriptive and they embellish the story perfectly. You can always look up classics, but goodreads has a great list to start with. Most of my favorite books are classics. the art of reading | Nuance Design |

tip no. 3 | sources

Sources are tricky. You always read in fashion or life magazines, even blogs which book you should read. I always look at them, but I don’t always take their recommendation. I have found goodreads is a great source (if you haven’t noticed already), because you get to rate books and they will recommend books based on what you want. Also you can look up any college’s recommend reading list, if you want to challenge yourself, or google 100 books before you die. There are so many ways to explore books, so find the source that will direct you in the perfect direction. I sometimes will just explore the bookstore and see what pops out. Also a way to explore your horizons is go to different author events to see what kind of books you like. Make sure not to limit yourself too much.the art of reading | Nuance Design |

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Any good books you recommend?

Truly, Lindy

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links to love : finding your cozy

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Spring is still bringing cold mornings, which means cozy is required a little bit longer. Here are a few links to love for finding your cozy.

link no. 1 | bread

I am still collecting recipes that look so delicious for you guys! Here is a grapefruit olive oil cake with bittersweet chocolate from not without salt. Not only does this cake look so lovely it is also a beautiful spread!

link no. 2 | DIY

Home showed a fun DIY that seems so easy and I might create because it is also so lovely! Check out how to make a diamond tufted headboard steps on Home’s blog.

link no. 3 | goodreads

A friend of mine introduced me to goodreads and oh how I have loved it maybe a little too much! If you aren’t on it already, but love to read I highly recommend it. I wish there was a lifetime just to read.

link no. 4 | cookies

Design love fest showcased cookies that take my favorite pieces tea and chocolate! How could that be better?

Truly, Lindy

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get the look : bright kitchen

. to find comfort .get the look : bright kitchen | Nuance Design | get the look : bright kitchen | Nuance Design |

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Truly, Lindy

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