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It is to my full excitement to announce the first giveaway of Nuance Design Blog! Since living your best life is my constant theme, why not have the first giveaway be a great giveaway that shares that with you?

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Excited to see who will win! Good luck everyone!

Truly, Lindy

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how to hang everything

. to keep learning .

Wall galleries are so beautiful, but can be an intimidating aspect of design, one that can overwhelm us. It can be so simple though & there are endless possibilities to creating a perfect wall gallery for your space. It is much easier then you may think & it can be so exciting when completed. Recently I was inspired by Shutterfly’s wall art section (they also recently created a new, specialized home décor line as well), & wanted to share some tips in helping you create your perfect wall gallery. Below are a few easy steps to help, figure out & inspire you when creating that perfect wall gallery for your space. If you are new to decorating, you will love my tips!

how to hang everything | Nuance Design | LindyJacoby.com

Rule of Thirds: Choosing one large image with several smaller images adds a great affect, because it allows for one piece to stand out & draw people in while subtly bringing your eye to the smaller images. In the above example I used the Rule of Thirds- breaking it up into thirds, & the half rule, dividing the space into two. I used the thirds rule for the horizontal division & the half rule for the vertical division. This is another simple way to please the eye. Allow the spacing between the images to be the same so that everything lines up evenly.

how to hang everything | Nuance Design | LindyJacoby.com

Matching: This is another way to display three images. Having all the images the same size, same width apart & spaced directly in the middle of the wall, allows for powerful simplicity. You want to consider the thirds rule & not have them be too far apart if doing this layout. Also consider the type of imaging & have the subjects in the image be similar – for example all family portraits, nature art, etc. This adds great symmetry to your space.


step No. 1 | frames or no frames

Determining the fundamentals of what you are looking for in a wall gallery will help with every step of your process. Frames make a statement on their own, so do you or do you not use them? They allow for the image to be enclosed allowing for a difference between the wall & the image. Frames also come in so many styles & colors. Typically, use a thin frame with wall galleries & a consistent color scheme (choosing between one to three colors) so the images work together. If you do not want frames, I suggest doing a canvas print. This allows for the image to stand or “bump” out from the wall, ranging from one inch to two inches (you want the same company printing them so they are the same color/depth). It can be beautifully hung & allows your images to still stand out.


step No. 2 | how many pictures to display?

Whether it’s professional photos of your adorable family, or fun images you have taken yourself, it can be hard to narrow down which ones to display. With any wall space, you need to consider the amount of wall space you want to use, typically use one-third of the wall space. Consider as well, how many images you want to display. Think about an odd number, you can do even numbers if they are four or six typically. Any odd number allows for the eye to be attracted to the wall & cohesively carries it throughout the images. Creating a wall gallery with four or six images allows for a bold statement.

how to hang everything | Nuance Design | LindyJacoby.com

Get Creative: This image breaks the rule of an ‘odd amount of objects’ that typically drives design; but it still is staying consistent with the idea of symmetry & thirds. If you are choosing to do four images, symmetry can play a huge role. With this particular layout I chose to do all the images the same size, along with the same dimensions of spacing in between, to show a broken up version of the previous version, for those who want more images.

Note: If you want everything to match using either a four, or six image layout, using a square print is best.


step No. 3 | prep

Before you decide on a specific design layout, check to see the sizes your print shop offers. Don’t forget to have the dimensions of your area/wall so you can compare the two. Typically, the images will come in at least 8 x 10, 16 x 16, 24 x 36 & many more. Figure out your budget, how many images you want, and which images you’d prefer to make bigger or smaller than others. You don’t have to decide on a specific layout at this point, but getting an idea of what you are looking for is always good start. Have several ideas in mind, so you can use them in your next step.


step No. 4 | consider consistency

Figuring out the perfect layout can be hard. Remember to start with simple things: how much space you want to take up on your wall, space you want in between the images, & how many images you’d like hung up. Consistency is so crucial when figuring out a layout. By this point you have figured out framed picture or a canvas print. When figuring out the layout, think about the largest size & work your way down from there (as that will likely hold the biggest initial impact upon entrance). For spacing, two – five inches is typical between images because it leaves room without it looking too cluttered or sparse, but you can go even as much as 8 inches depending on your wall size.

how to hang everything | Nuance Design | LindyJacoby.com

A statement piece: Yes, one image can be considered it’s own wall gallery & has a fun range for you to play with. To make the most dramatic statement, choose a large format for your print (16×20 and up). It will really bring the image to life in a dramatic way. The above example shows the artwork in the middle of a big piece of furniture to show balance, but use your creativity to place it where you think it best fits- every room is different!


step No. 5 | layout

Finally the exciting part! Yes it may be a little hard at first, but once you start it it’s always fun. The simplest way to see what layout you want is by masking it off on the actual wall space. Take painters tape (because it won’t ruin the paint) & tape off the image sizes you are considering. Visually, this is the best way to envision the art, because it literally shows you how it will look size wise on your wall, instead of drawing it on a piece of paper. It also it great because you can take it down & redo it. Play with this until you get the best layout– trust me it’s worth it. There are so many sources to just glance through to look at wall gallery spaces as well to get ideas. For example check out; my pinterest, Elle Décor, Country Living, any home décor magazine or book really.


step No.6 | finalize

Once your product has arrived make sure to remember to measure the space again to create the layout you wanted & remember to give enough space when placing the nails/hangers. Once it is up, all you have to do is enjoy!

how to hang everything | Nuance Design | LindyJacoby.com

common questions

What if I want a shelf?

A shelf is a beautiful way to display large images. It is a great way to pull everything in on the wall as well as add dimension to the space. You can apply all the above steps to the shelf wall. You will be overlapping rather then setting it side by side, but I love the layering look & it uses the self space to it’s full potential. When layering, make sure there are multiple sizes & it can be great to add different frames. Also when choosing the pictures make sure to figure out which ones are going in what frame so faces don’t get lost behind other frames.


What if I want to do a stair wall gallery?

It is so simple to translate the above/same tips & steps when placing art on a staircase. The only thing that changes with stairs is along its slope, so always consider the change in dimension. Use smaller images; large prints will overwhelm the space. Keep it simple. As always, use tape in the planning phase to see how it will look in real life.


What if I have images already & want to create a wall gallery?

Take the above steps & tips & apply it to your current images, it’s that easy. You may have to change out a few frames, or buy a piece or two, but it is so simple to get the wall gallery you want.


What if I just want it done with?

It can be very time consuming to create a gallery- I get it! Shutterfly actually offers great pre-packaged wall galleries that come with custom stencils for perfect placement in your home.

how to hang everything | Nuance Design | LindyJacoby.com

{ all layouts created by Nuance Design }

Hint: Sometimes uniformity can go out the window if you have enough range with the objects – just make sure it’s not too much chaos. Let me know if you have any unique questions like this!

If you are wanting a little help, or a lot of help, let me know & I’d be more then happy to give you personal advice on how to put together everything in your own home.

For more ideas onto how to arrange pieces of art work that aren’t necessarily considered wall gallery style, check out my earlier post of “a few ways to beautifully display your inspiration.” You can also look at my interiors board on pinterest for some interior inspiration, showcasing many wall galleries. Have a beautiful day!

Truly, Lindy

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product to love and nourish some you time

. to choose what’s best .product to love and nourish some you time | Nuance Design | LindyJacoby.com

{ all product from anthropologie - my new favorite is the coconut mango candle, it smells sooo good! | layout created by Nuance Design }

How often do you truly take five minutes for you? Whether it be five minutes of quiet, reading a book, soaking in the sun or drinking tea? Whatever your five minutes of you time may be, do you really take those five minutes? Anthropologie is my not so secret place for finding little pieces of product that help me with my five minute getaway, especially during the summer. I’m in love with the little treasures I’ll find there. It’s amazing how every time I walk into the store I always find something adorable I must have. Here are a few items I love this summer. What intel your five minute getaways?

Truly, Lindy

Ps. one of the items featured is apart of the giveaway! Just over a week left to enter! Have you entered yet?

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recipe : vanilla – blueberry lemonade

. to let your tummy enjoy . recipe : vanilla - blueberry lemonade | Nuance Design | LindyJacoby.com

recipe : vanilla - blueberry lemonade | Nuance Design | LindyJacoby.com

This is a recipe I posted last year, but I had to post it again because it is that good! It is a summer recipe that should be made many a times during summer. You may not want to share it, it’s that good. Enjoy!

Truly, Lindy

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d.i.y. : long lasting floral hair arrangement

. to explore you . d.i.y. : long lasting floral hair arrangement  | Nuance Design | LindyJacoby.com

Flowers are a beautiful addition to almost any hairstyle. It is romantic, lovely & elegant. One issue I always have with my flowers when adding them is the “wilting affect”. They are beautiful when we add them as an accessory, but the second they become that accessory they start to wilt. By the end of the night they look so tired & we tend to throw them out by a couple hours into the life that we created for them. How can we make them last, so we feel beautiful for as long as you want?!? Here is a simple DIY that won’t change your hair or the affect you want with them, but help the flowers last longer. Also I had my lovely sister { Lacey } be my model & her hair is in a braid bun, showcasing three very different style of flower bouquets.

d.i.y. : long lasting floral hair arrangement  | Nuance Design | LindyJacoby.com What you will need:

flowers of your choice { try to pick flowers that are proportionate to your head, as well as will fit in the vial, I just grabbed several kinds of flowers & created my own bouquets }, a vial { I used a clear plastic one – you can find them at your near by florist } & scissors

d.i.y. : long lasting floral hair arrangement  | Nuance Design | LindyJacoby.com step No. 1 | prep your stems

The vial opening is very small, this is to prevent from water leaking, so remember this size when picking & cutting your flowers. When prepping cut all leaves/other stems off the larger flower stem. Cut flower down to length size of vial & remember to cut the end diagonally { for some reason this helps it keep longer }.
d.i.y. : long lasting floral hair arrangement  | Nuance Design | LindyJacoby.com step No. 2 | create you little bouquet

Fill the water halfway to two-thirds full of water. Place the cap on the vial if it has one, then place flowers in the vial. It’s that easy!
d.i.y. : long lasting floral hair arrangement  | Nuance Design | LindyJacoby.com step No. 3 | place in hair

When placing in hair, place in a way that you can’t see the vial { you don’t want to share you beauty secrets with everyone }. Vials come in a range of sizes, so don’t feel stuck with one style of hair. Sometimes you might need a few more bobby-pins to make sure your hair is secure enough to hold the vial in place.
d.i.y. : long lasting floral hair arrangement  | Nuance Design | LindyJacoby.com

{ flowers & vials purchased at new seasons | beautiful model is Lacey Jacoby | everything created by Lindy }

What tiny bouquet will you make for your hair? Where will you wear it to? Have a wonderful Monday!

Truly, Lindy

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